What does good architecture mean to us? 

In the Corona crisis, we are in the midst of profound cultural and social changes, challenges to climate change and the decline in finite resources and raw materials. The “Architecture Resource” will be the central theme of the architecture scene in 2020, because it means creating buildings and spaces in which people will feel comfortable for a long time, now and in the future.

Inside and outside, you need quality, well-designed and future-oriented designs made of materials that have a long lifespan and are used sensibly. We at PROJECT FLOORS also follow this claim. 
The topic of “sustainability” is not immediately obvious to everyone when it comes to designer floors. On closer inspection, our recyclable design floors have Less Carbon Footprint , Top Acoustic Performance,  Durable and, above all,Ecological and  Ergonomic. 

With almost 20 years of experience, we have created a product of value and quality that lasts for decades and can be used in many areas. The combination of these product properties and the deceptively real look, For our customers, haptics and design requirements are the most important criteria when deciding on a design floor. This applies in the private environment as well as to customers who come from the healthcare sector, hospitality or the hotel industry and retail fitouts.

Are you interested in a design floor that underlines the architecture of the house or sets special accents? Have a look:

We wish you a pleasant week
Team Project Floors