Recent improvements to printing technologies for Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has resulted in the production of high - quality, three dimensional images that replicate the appearance and texture of natural materials. An increase in product options, durability, ease of maintenance and cost has led to an elevated push for LVTs in guestrooms and public areas for a number of brands.

Compared to other hard surface solutions, Project Floors LVT offers significant advantages in slip resistance and sound abatement. The sound abatement is particularly important in rooms as sound can easily transfer between floors. Project Floors LVT carries a higher sound reduction rating than many hard surface options.

Project Floors LVT offers an aesthetically pleasing flooring solution. The product looks today are more realistic than ever. A few years ago the product lines were minimal, with very few options. Now, the options are very broad and the offerings are contemporary, transitional and traditional. Almost anything you are looking for these days in LVT is available.

Last but not he least Hardwood is terrific but requires a lot of maintenance in order to keep it looking magnificent. Tile is versatile and is preferred for wet areas, but it is more expensive and requires more time to install. On the other hand LVT is a terrific solution for new - builds or renovations because the labor to install is seamless and the maintenance cost is next to nothing. 

Therefore, our LVT just does not help save time and cost in maintenance , but reduces sound, gives that natural look and enhances your rooms ambiance.