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Moeraki 08 - IN STOCK
Moeraki 08 - IN STOCK

Moeraki 08 - IN STOCK

Product Specifications

Product Construction Tip-Sheared
Yarn Fibre 100% Vinicolor & Plencolor Nylon 6 (Econyl 6.6 - Recycled Nylon option)
Yarn Supplier Universal or Aquafil
Colour System 100% Solution Dyed
Stitches 10 per inch
Pile Thickness 5.5 - 7.5mm (±0.5mm)
Total Thickness 10 -11mm (±0.5mm)
Size description 250mm x 1000mm (500mm x 1000mm option)
Backing Backed by EcoTx (EuroBac option)