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Fact: these days, clients expect more from their flooring. They want a material that's sustainable and eco-friendly, yet durable and meets fire ratings. It needs to fit the aesthetic of their project and match their brand. Also, don't forget it needs to be renewable, within budget - and you have a project deadline of 12 weeks?! PURLINE Organic FlooringSustainability, design diversity, high performancePurline is a new range of flooring exclusive to Project Floors.As a PVC-free alternative to hard flooring, it's perfect for both commercial and residential environments, and there's a colour, pattern, and style for every project. Here's what you need to know:...


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Your job as an architect or interior designer is to transform a client’s vision into a physical reality. When it comes to choosing flooring, the possibilities these days are endless. From carpet or vinyl planks and tiles to sustainable materials and engineered timber, there are several factors you must consider in order to deliver the best value to your client.At Project Floors, we know budget is always top-of-mind, but so should purpose and function, long-term value, and sustainability, as well as the latest trends and aesthetic elements like colour and pattern.Choose a material based solely on price and you may...


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PROJECT FLOORS is able to fulfill all four criteria hygiene requirements, durability, design, and price. 


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Inside and outside, you need quality, well-designed and future-oriented designs made of materials that have a long lifespan and are used sensibly. We at PROJECT FLOORS also follow this claim.


What is Purline? 

PURLINE is a chlorine-free elastic floor covering, which is produced based on renewable and natural raw materials.

What are the ingredients of Purline Organic Flooring?

PURLINE Organic Floor is a high-performance composite material which is predominantly made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed or castor oil and naturally mineral components such as chalk.