Protect your business by beating bacteria with our SMART antimicrobial solution for all surfaces.

We have a range of solutions available that helps kill Viruses and Bacteria not only on your floor, but all surfaces within any environment using antimicrobial silver.

Say Bye-Bye to Bacteria with Project Floors SMART antimicrobial treatment which kills 99% of bacteria naturally on treated surface, with world leading antimicrobial technology.

Project Floors has been using SMART antimicrobial for more than 10 years in our SMART residential and commercial ranges. We have the ability to apply antimicrobial treatment to a range of pre-installed and existing surfaces both hard and soft, not just floors. 

SMART antimicrobial helps your environment fight viruses.

By treating surfaces with Project Floors SMART  antimicrobial solution, you can drastically reduce the spread of Viruses and Bacteria within your environment. 


**Project Floors antimicrobial solution needs to be applied by a approved applicator.